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Getting ready to go on holiday. First have to see Cheeky off! I also have a memory storage solution for the iPhone!

I finished my song in the mont project!!! And I’m preparing for filming a new Music Room Session tomorrow!


Here’s the lyric video!

I had an early start so I brought you along to see and discuss the trains system in Tokyo!

We had a fun Sunday of making jiao zi (Dumplings)

Running around, picking up packages, buying gear and eating sushi!

I got myself a gimbal to ply around with! Oh so much fun and the buttery smooth results!

We went out to Naka Meguro to see the sakura blooming


A busy day for me and some life changing events!

For the song in a month project I got started on some lyrics and a melody for the chorus!


I start to think about the song in a month project. In a park. In Chiba. Somewhere…